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Statement of our clients

Statement of our clients

We were lost and couldn’t get back to our hotel but the friendly staff member walked us back to the hotel. I thought that was above and beyond so went back that same day to exchange some money and the girl at the booth spoke perfect English and it helped me a lot!!Singapore

We’re from the Philippines and carry Pesos but no one exchanges it in Japan so we usually spend a fortune at the airport but TOUREX had it and it was such a surprise. We didn’t have much to exchange as we had already changed it at the airport but the employees were so nice and helpful. Definitely coming back here next time.the Philippines

We have Aussie dollars and most places the rates are pretty bad so when the friendly girl outside told us that their rates are the best rates in the area we thought we’d give it a try. The manager gave us a discount too, just like that so that was pretty great.Australia

We went in to ask information about the best ramen shops in Shinjuku. The workers were so friendly and told us lots of info about their personal recommendations and about places the locals go to instead of just your average tourist spots. They even let us know which shops do and don’t take credit cards so that was really helpful too. I thought that it was amazing that they’d take their time to talk to us even though they weren’t making any money.Germany

We weren’t sure where we were and we were looking at our phone trying to figure out where we were and stuff. Then this guy came asking if he could help us. We were shocked he spoke good English coz we didn’t bother to ask anyone for direction since most people in Japan, as nice as they are, they hardly speak English. In the end he was able to help us but I was really impress that he’d come over to us instead of waiting to be spoken to. I would come back here for more info and/or to exchange my money coz you know you’d get good service here.China